A 30th Anniversary Sailor Moon Zine

Current Status: Creation


Sailor Springtime is a Spring-themed fan zine in honor of Sailor Moon's 30th anniversary. Don't you think its about time everyone's favorite guardians of love and justice got some well deserved time off?Be sure to follow our Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with our zine's progress!



Lottie, they/she
Head Project Manager
hi, i'm lottie! i've been making zines since my freshman year of high school and have been project running for as long as i remember—but i've been watching sailor moon for even longer! it was my favorite show growing up and that still holds true today!my favorite characters are haruka & michiru, and i consider myself the resident harumichi expert on the team. :)

Miles, 20, they/he
Tech Support/Graphics Mod
Howdy, I'm Miles! I've worked on 3 zines before this one, so consider me fairly experienced to get the job done! I excel in character design art and drawing the occasional animal here and there.Makoto Kino holds a special place in my heart so consider me the CEO!

Beth, 19, they/them
Art Mod
Hiii I’m Beth!! I love literature and I’m studying to be able to teach it atm! Art has been my main pastime for basically my whole life, and I’ve worked with moderating for most of my teenage years (mostly being an admin on a Harry Potter instagram since I was 13 hehe) and love to see how group work can be used to make something really unique and special.My super duper fun and funky sailor moon fact about ME is that I think Ami is autistic because we are the same person and every time they try to give her a love interest I cry because they aren’t like that they don’t need it.

JJ, 20, she/her
Organization/General Mod
meowdy, im jj. ive been moderating since 2017 and ive been doing art since i was a kid (like four or something). i was previously in an idv zine, this is only my second one to participate in and my first to mod in.i like chibiusa cause she has a gun.

Cara, she/her
General Mod
Hello, Cara here! I’ve been in the zine scene for what feels like forever, but I find new ways to fall in love with it every year!Haruka is my fave because ✨women✨ , but you have to love Mamo-chan too 💞

Jo, she/her
Formatting Mod
I love making and collecting illustrations, print design, zines, and comics. Sailor Moon was one of my first forays into the world of comics and the original anime will always be a favorite. I have a white cat and a black cat that are my hard-working studio assistants.My fav sailor scouts are Rei, Usagi, Michiru, Hotaru, Setsuna, and Seiya <3 and my fav villains are Nehelenia, Aluminium Siren, and Lead Crow.

Strix, she/they
Writing Mod
Hi, I'm Strix! Sailor Moon was my first fandom, and I'm still finding new little details to love about it. While I'm an editor by day, this is my first zine! My favourites are the Outers and the Starlights, especially in the manga and the musicals.


  • December 15 - 19: Interest Check

  • December 19 - January 1: Mod Applications

  • January 2: Mod Applications Results

  • January 3 - February 1: Artist Applications

  • February: Artist Applications Results

  • March: Creation

  • May: Preorders!


Will the zine be physical or digital?
- This project will be released as a physical A5-sized zine! We will have merch to go along with it as well.
Will this zine be for-profit or for-charity?
- This zine will be for charity! Our contributors and mod team will be working together to select a charity to donate all funds after production costs have been covered.
How many contributors will be included?
- We have approximately 60 contributors in total.
How will contributors be compensated?
- All participants are guaranteed a free PDF copy of the zine. We hope to provide free physical copies of the zine and merch, too, which will be contingent on preorder sales success! More information will be communicated from the Finance Mod directly to contributors.
Will there be ships featured in this zine?
- Yes! If contributors wish to showcase their favorite (non-problematic) pairings in this project, they are more than welcome to do so.
What characters will be included in this zine?
- As much of the full cast as we can cram! From side character villains to the main inner 5, we've got it all!
Are manga spoilers okay?
- Yes!
Will mods be allowed to work as contributors?
- Yes, some of our mods will participate as artists or writers, but not all of them. Keep an eye out for our contributor lineup and spotlights!
Still have questions? DM us on Twitter/Instagram or check out our Q&A form!